E-book Open House for Faculty!


Storage, fast access, electronic books present some advantages the Library has been offering students and faculty for a few years. We’ve now surpassed the 500,000 e-book landmark. Thanks to our policy of emphasizing e-book purchasing, to the big efforts made by AUP and to the great advantages of belonging to consortia like AMICAL and Couperin, we have all that at our finger tips.

E-books can also be a valuable, educational tool for classes. But do we know how to use and manage the e-book collections to our advantage? Getting used to a new way of reading, as well as navigating different resources platforms, might appear tricky.

But not for long! The team of Reference Librarians is inviting you to two open house sessions this semester during which we will showcase our most popular collections and dedicate time to show the collection(s) of your interest.

Please register using the following link:  http://doodle.com/f2u8c97mvms8azxp

Add your name and times you are available – we will choose the two time slots according to the greatest number of registered people. Official times will be announced at a later date. You may also add a comment for any specific e-book collection you’d like to learn about.

These sessions are for Faculty, but if you are a student and wish to familiarize yourself with our e-books collections – or any other resources – please feel free to ask for help by filling in the following form: Ask for help form.

We look forward to seeing you at the Library Research Room!

2014 ECAR Undergraduate Technology Survey

ecar survey slidePIC

Again this year, Ecar/Educause is organizing an Undergraduate Technology Survey. This survey aims to analyze how undergraduate students are using technology devices, in their personal life and for their studies.

In a ongoing effort to improve and better adapt the educational technology support services, ITS and the Library are cordially inviting each Undergraduate student to take the survey. By completing this survey, you may opt to be eligible to participate in a drawing to win one of the 40 Euro Amazon gift certificates or one of the 40 Euros AUP Printing Credits.To have your name put in the list for the draw and win an Amazon gift certificate, take a screenshot of the “Thank You” page at the end of the survey and email it to library@aup.edu

For currently enrolled students, but for future students of AUP as well, it is important to determine how to provide effective technology services that you need in your learning process. Last year we got a good picture, we now want to discover the trends.

By now, every Undergraduate student should have received the above flyer in their mailbox. Yet, if you have not received it or wish to get any further information, please email Jorge Sosa -University Librarian, or ecarsurvey@educause.edu

You may take the survey by clicking this link.
Thank you very much for your participation!

PS: we have been told the survey’s server in the US encountered some problems last week. Please note this is fixed, you can take the survey without any trouble.

This survey is made possible thanks to the following institutions:






Weekly New Resources


The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks / by Rebecca Skloot


Fundamentals of number theory /by William J. Leveque


Realism in mathematics / by Penelope Maddy


Goals of linguistic theory


Disasters and the law : Katrina and beyond / by Daniel A. Farber


Strangers : homosexual love in the 19th century / by Graham Robb


La vida cotidiana de los aztecas en vísperas de la conquista /by Jacques Soustelle


Rules for radicals : a practical primer for realistic radicals /by Saul David Alinsky


Bernini : genius of the Baroque /by Charles Avery


Paris, capital of modernity / Charles Avery [Electronic Book]

The American city in the cinema / James A. Clapp [Electronic Book]

Peterson’s guide to graduate and professional programs [Electronic Book]

Peterson’s guide to undergraduate programs [Electronic Book]


King’s Row /directed by Sam Wood [Academic Film Collection]

Contes de la lune vague après la pluie / directed by Kenji Mizoguchi [Academic Film Collection]



New Book Widget on Facebook!

academic writing wid

Good news about our new Library Thing book widget! Books selections are now available on our Facebook page! You may find them under this tab: Capture000

We are currently making books selections for each Study Trip, and a permanent updated one on Academic Writing. This tool is a great opportunity for the Library to enhance its collection, especially electronic books, and a cool way for users to just browse the list and discover books you’d never thought they existed!

At the moment, technical issues unable us to embed this widget on this Library News page, but we do wish to find a solution if it is decided to subscribe to this LibraryThing widget.

If you would like us to target a specific topic, or have any comment to make on this new tool – especially if you’d like us to keep it, please do not hesitate to email Amelie Gualandris and we will consider your request. Simply keep in mind these books selections have a limited number and should ideally correspond to what most faculty members and students would need.

Go check it out!


Catalog Enhancement: Syndetic Solutions Trial!

In our digital, fast-paced world, first impressions are important, and an image is often worth a thousand words. Being conscious that users need to be provided as much details as possible in a short amount of time, the Library has decided to go for a ProQuest’s Syndetic Solutions Trial (March 10th-June 10th 2014) for book covers, tables of contents, annotations and summaries.

Syndetic Solutions are specially developed to help libraries create high-quality, interactive, user-friendly catalogs, that will match the users’ expectations.

We do believe it is a great improvement for our catalog, considering that only 6.12% of our books’ notices currently include tables of content. So, implementing Syndetic Solutions will allow us to get descriptive data components for books in English published as of 1980. (Books dating back to the 1970s and before constitutes over 34% of our collection). Syndetic Content is in place in the Library Catalog and as from now,  book covers are displayed, and tables of content, summaries and annotations are available in just one click! Book covers will also display on your result list.

For example, when doing a search for 1491, new revelations on the Americas before Columbus, by Charles C. Mann, here is what you get:




“Click for more info” will lead you to the Syndetic page where tables of content, full-length summaries and annotations are accessible. The data will display if available. A blank cover image can still take you to a syndetic page.

And as a good news never come alone, we are also having a trial for a cool LibraryThing book shelf widget. We are currently working on adding a Book Shelf tab on our Facebook so you can have a quick look at some book selections while browsing the page:

book display widget Library News

We hope this new enrichment solution will facilitate your access to your Library resources’ and that you will discover useful and enjoyable books you’d never thought they existed! Do tell our Service Desk staff how you like those two “tools”. Laurence Amoureux, Line Le Moign, Amélie Gualandris and Sally Murray are all involved in this trial.