In Memoriam: Toby Stone Alumna 1965 & AUP staff & faculty member 1976 – 2005

Esprit_1994      The year 2014 has begun with sadness for AUP. Former AUP student, Alumna and University Librarian Toby Stone passed away on January 1st, after a long battle against cancer.

Toby arrived in the Library in 1976, and became a reference librarian in 1978. By 1979 she became the University Librarian, and was at the center of major changes and events not only at the Library, but at AUP and in the library profession. Educated in various countries, Toby attended ACP in 1964 and obtained a Bachelor of Arts from the Occidental College of Los Angeles, a Masters in Library Science from UCLA, and a License de Lettres from the Sorbonne.

The American College of Paris Library was rather small back in the late 70s, only 8,000 books, and was located in a small area of the American Library of Paris. When Toby arrived in 1976, she focused on developing the collection based on recommendations from faculty and students and on major collection acquisitions. New library services were developed as well. Thanks to her important efforts, the library was greatly developed and by her retirement in 2005, covered a total of 75,000 volumes, 6,000 periodical titles and a very good basic online database collection. Under Toby’s years the library started an automated library system and a long retrospective conversion; by the year 2000 a new and fully integrated library system – Voyager- was implemented.

Toby was also well-known in the French and international library profession. She occupied various positions at the regional and national level at the Association des bibliothécaires de France – ABF for various years and at the Comité Français of the International Federation of Library associations – IFLA, as well as its Standing Committee of University and Research Libraries. Undertaking new initiatives was central in Toby’s life. For instance, she attended the Management Development Program of Harvard University in 1998 and the Frye Leadership Institute in 2002, which were very valuable achievements in her career. One of her most ambitious and treasured projects was undoubtedly the foundation of the American International Consortium of Academic Libraries – AMICAL with current AUP President Celeste Schenck, and with the support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. AMICAL was officially founded in Paris in 2004 and it is now a consortium which hosts 26 American-style universities located in 21 different countries.

Toby will be remembered by all of us as a very organized, detail-oriented, efficient, pragmatic, ambitious and passionate person.

After receiving the sad news, numerous people who worked with Toby addressed their condolences to the AUP Library and to AMICAL:

“I am so sorry to hear about the passing away of Toby. She was a very nice and pleasant person and was extremely excited about AMICAL. I cannot forget the nice time I had with her while in Paris, where she took us shopping at Le Printemps and had a fun lunch. May her soul rest in peace. She will always be in my prayers.” Cendrella Habre, University Librarian.

 “I do remember also meeting Toby at the first AMICAL meeting in Paris and unite my voice to others in our association in expressing my sorrow at her passing away.”  Julie Arata, Saint-Louis University-Madrid Campus, Spain

“Toby était vice présidente dans mon équipe et je garde le souvenir de quelqu’un de pragmatique et d’efficace qui apportait un éclairage intéressant libre de tout dogmatisme, ses qualités d’écoute  procuraient un vrai plaisir à travailler avec elle”. Gérard Briand – ABF.

“I was deeply saddened to learn of Toby’s passing. Toby was my  friend, and I have been in close touch with her even after she left AUP.  In spite of her failing heath,  she was full of life and full of the joy of living.  We had very pleasant times together. (…) I first met Toby in 2002 at the ALA conference in Atlanta. There we spoke of her vision of an international consortium of academic libraries and her FirstBridge idea. She actually gave me some of the FirstBridge brochures.  I was impressed.” Shahira el Sawy, Dean of Libraries & Learning Technologies, The American University in Cairo

The AUP Library joins the AUP community in expressing its sincerest condolences to Toby’s family and friends, gratefully remembering her dedicated work.