Catalog Enhancement: Syndetic Solutions Trial!

In our digital, fast-paced world, first impressions are important, and an image is often worth a thousand words. Being conscious that users need to be provided as much details as possible in a short amount of time, the Library has decided to go for a ProQuest’s Syndetic Solutions Trial (March 10th-June 10th 2014) for book covers, tables of contents, annotations and summaries.

Syndetic Solutions are specially developed to help libraries create high-quality, interactive, user-friendly catalogs, that will match the users’ expectations.

We do believe it is a great improvement for our catalog, considering that only 6.12% of our books’ notices currently include tables of content. So, implementing Syndetic Solutions will allow us to get descriptive data components for books in English published as of 1980. (Books dating back to the 1970s and before constitutes over 34% of our collection). Syndetic Content is in place in the Library Catalog and as from now,  book covers are displayed, and tables of content, summaries and annotations are available in just one click! Book covers will also display on your result list.

For example, when doing a search for 1491, new revelations on the Americas before Columbus, by Charles C. Mann, here is what you get:




“Click for more info” will lead you to the Syndetic page where tables of content, full-length summaries and annotations are accessible. The data will display if available. A blank cover image can still take you to a syndetic page.

And as a good news never come alone, we are also having a trial for a cool LibraryThing book shelf widget. We are currently working on adding a Book Shelf tab on our Facebook so you can have a quick look at some book selections while browsing the page:

book display widget Library News

We hope this new enrichment solution will facilitate your access to your Library resources’ and that you will discover useful and enjoyable books you’d never thought they existed! Do tell our Service Desk staff how you like those two “tools”. Laurence Amoureux, Line Le Moign, Amélie Gualandris and Sally Murray are all involved in this trial.