Raffle fundraiser Spring’15

As announced previously (see article here), the AUP Library and the Film Department are inviting Yemenite filmmaker Khadija Al-Salami to campus on April 2nd, 2015. For more details about this event, please read the following Peacock’s Post article.

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Khadija Al-Salami – herself forced into marriage at age 11, has founded an NGO, My Future Foundation in Yemen, to fight against how easily girls in Yemen are withdrawn from school. According to the International Center to Research on Women, not less than 48.4% of girls under 18 are forced into marriage. The main reason, along with tradition, is poverty. If the parents cannot afford to keep a girl in school or are financially struggling to care after her, the chances for an early marriage are increased. In 2015, it only costs 50€/year to pay the school fee for one child.

bracelets 3Upon Al-Salami’s visit, the Library has been fundraising to support this NGO, and all the proceeds will be given to Ms. Al-Salami herself on the night of April 2nd. Thanks to the bake sales, we are delighted to say that 4 more girls will be able to stay in school! Silicon bracelets will be for sale for 2€ on April 2nd as well as in the Library.

As some generous donors have offered very nice gifts – nomad chargers for smartphones, lunch tickets etc. – we have decided to organize a raffle, the draw taking place at the end of the semester.Tickets are 3€ each, and 5€ for two, for sale at the Service Desk or online: Raffle Tickets Online Payment.

Many words to say: we need your help! If you wish to donate, you’ve got several options, there is no such thing as small contribution. Any donation will help make the difference!

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