A successful, inspiring evening

Last week, the Library and the Film Studies Department were honored to welcome to campus Yemenite filmmaker Khadija Al-Salami.


We would like to thank everyone involved – faculty, staff, students – for helping us making it happen. We were expecting a very inspiring night – and it was, with over 80 persons attending. But it was also a unique opportunity to exchange views regarding women’s civil rights in Yemen the past few decades.

Several excerpts of Al-Salami’s movies were screened and captivated the audience, making them laugh or gripping their throats. Poignant, enlightening, Al-Salami’s independent work recounts a vision of Yemen as it really is, sometimes far from what mainstream media depict. The tradition from the inside, with its contradictions, its joys, its aberrations. It was all the more touching with Yemen’s current tragic situation in the background.

Special thanks to professors Nathalie Debroise and Anne-Marie Picard for successfully leading the interviews in between each excerpts. The many relevant questions and clarifying answers helped us all forge ourselves a more accurate point of view on the issue.

On top of being an acclaimed filmmaker, Khadija Al-Salami is also a civil rights activist, who founded a NGO, My Future Foundation in Yemen, to fight against child marriages. The Library has been fundraising money to support this project, and has so far raised about 300€, allowing 6 more girls to stay in school and avoid child marriage. Silicon bracelets are still for sale for 2€ at the Library’s Service Desk if you wish to donate, as well as raffle tickets until the end of the semester. You can also purchase raffle tickets online here.

Again, we would like to thank everyone who has contributed in making this wonderful night happen – staff, faculty, students – we hope you all spent as a memorable time as we did!

More pictures of the event on our Facebook page.