New Art Exhibit – Ainsley Lundeen, Spring 2015

The Gender & Sexuality Club presents Overlap, a series of oil paintings by upcoming AUP senior Ainsley Lundeen. The exhibit is taking place in the Library lobby until the end of Spring 2015. Come check it out!

Ainsley Lundeen

Ainsley Lundeen, originally from San Francisco, is an upcoming senior at AUP. She began drawing when she arrived at university, and draws inspiration from diffused light and visceral images. She considers herself more of a dancer than an artist as she has spent the majority of her life training in classical dance. These pieces offer no titles, but they each have a story. They focus on creating mass by combining defined lines with something we might call ‘softness’ in the middle, something blurred. Each image and each shape is that: a part of a whole. The paintings begin with an intention, but as they progress they tend to take on a life of their own – a space where two dimensions become three, where lines hold together the matter of the objects (if we view bodies as objects and objects as something containing mass), and blending them creates the surfaces. The surfaces are not always smooth – sometimes the layers get tangled with each other, in which case the uncertainty of the image creates a different response from the viewer. And blending, or lack of it, forces the viewer to question where things overlap, where one layer of a face or figure or mass ends and the next begins. Each image/object incites insulation and isolation – insulation because they are constricted by four walls/edges of a page and isolation because each object has been taken out of its context/location, so they float in a different space, like dropping a tadpole in a bowl of milk. The paintings are created using oil on paper. The artist prefers this medium, allowing her to rearrange shapes.