Lacy Wood, AUP Alum MAIA 2013 – co-founder of Kalsada Coffee

Lacy Wood, an AUP alum and former library worker, was definitely a coffee buff at AUP. We know she was, she wrote her master’s thesis on coffee! “Bitter coffee : The economic and political structures supporting unsustainable development in Vietnam

She has a dream job. She is co-founder of Kalsada Coffee.  Lacy, with Carmel Laurino, the founder, want to share their story and their coffee with you!

Lacy says her interest in coffee blossomed during her time at the AUP library (she is one reason you get GOOD coffee at Cafe Ole – she insisted).  Carmel’s interest in coffee was inspired by the image below that a librarian helped her find in her undergraduate library.

coffeepostcardLacy says the ‘header’ image, by Neal Santos, is a “visualization of the flavor of Domisa Family, one of our favorite Kalsada coffees”.  Looks delicious…

Please watch, enjoy and order some!

AUP (and especially the library) wish you all the best and hope we get to try some coffee very soon!