How to use Statista

Statista is a new database for AUP library.  It is a ‘portal for statistics’. All the contents are up to date from all over the world. At the bottom of the home page a video is online and explains how to use Statista.

Start in typing the subject of your choice.

Ex: Automobile


On the left side you can choose the type of document you are looking for, like forecasts, industrial reports… You can select and deselect them. Refine your research with more filters.

If you select a statistics file you have different possibilities. With settings section you can change the chart type.

To emphasize a point in your work, you can download the file in different formats: PNG image, Excel, Power Point or PDF. Don’t forget to cite your sources, Statista will help you with it on the left section.


If you need help you can contact the library.