AUP provides access to the Mideastwire, a database of translated news articles from the Middle East. Their translators select meaningful news stories to publish in English.


The Mideastwire offers westerners an opportunity to hear an different perspective of world and local events. Sources come from North Africa, all 22 Arab countries and Iran.

Mideastwire.com began its operations in Beirut, in 2005, by providing translations of the Arabic and Iranian media – including newspapers and some satellite TV stations. They now translate approximately 15-20 pieces each business day covering opinions, business news, political and society/cultural pieces that appear in the region’s various media outlets. You get that day’s most interesting news, in English, emailed to you, something we think gives our subscribers a better sense of what the local media is reporting on and discussing. In addition, they have a searchable database of over 70,000 archived pieces going back to 2005, making Mideastwire.com ideally suited for researchers, journalists, students, policy makers and advocates.

The Mideastwire Co-Founder Nicholas Noe has written for The Guardian and you can follow him on Twitter.

We invite you to explore the database which is searchable by subject, source, country and date.

Daily briefings are available from various countries in the region. Enjoy!



Photo credit David Spender