Sage Journals

SAGE Journals


The Sage Platform is one of the largest journal publishers in the world. Founded in 1965, the Company is a leading independent, academic and professional publisher of innovative, high-quality content.

The Sage Journals new platform offers access to their collection which spans a wide collection of journals on many disciplines from Humanities to Science and Technology.

The AUP Library has now access to 909-journal-titles.


How to use it?
In doing a simple or an advanced search you can find articles or journals. In the article page, the Sage Journals platform gives you the opportunity to find related articles, to cite the articles and also to share them on social media or by email.

The full-text of the articles are available in PDF.



In creating your personal login, you will have access to your own tools. You will have the possibility to receive emails alerts, to save your searches and your favorite journals.

To add alerts, go to the homepage of Sage Journals, browse the list of the Journals, select the publications you are interested in, and then you can choose if you want to be aware of the new content, the announcements or both of them.


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