New Books Available in January

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Bitter Healing: German women writers 1700-1830 by Jeannine Blackwell and Susanne Zantop
“Bitter Healing is the first anthology of eighteenth- and early-nineteenth-century German women’s writing in English translation. It goes far toward filling a major gap in literary history by recovering for a wide audience the works of women who were as famous during their lifetime as Wieland, Schiller, and Goethe. Like those men, they wrote in the early modern period spanning the transition from early Enlightenment to Romanticism. Edited by Jeannine Blackwell and Susanne Zantop, this collection assembles little-known writings by fifteen authors from various social classes, religious backgrounds, and political persuasions”. – Publisher


Bird in a cage: legal reform in China after Mao by Stanley B. Lubman
“Since 1979, China has been building new legal institutions made necessary by economic reforms that have reduced the role of state planning, and by the decline of Maoist totalitarianism. This book analyzes the principal legal institutions that have emerged and assesses the prospects for increasing the rule of law in China”. – Publisher


Entrepreneurial litigation its rise, fall, and future by John C. Coffee
“In class actions, attorneys effectively hire clients rather than act as their agent. Lawyer-financed, lawyer-controlled, and lawyer-settled, this entrepreneurial litigation invites lawyers to act in their own interest. John Coffee’s goal is to save class action, not discard it, and to make private enforcement of law more democratically accountable.” – Proquest


Law of the jungle the $19 billion legal battle over oil in the rain forest and the lawyer who’d stop at nothing to win it by Paul M. Barrett
“The gripping story of one American lawyer’s obsessive crusade–waged at any cost–against Big Oil on behalf of the poor farmers and indigenous tribes of the Amazon rainforest. Steven Donziger, a self-styled social activist and Harvard educated lawyer, signed on to a budding class action lawsuit against multinational Texaco (which later merged with Chevron to become the third-largest corporation in America). The suit sought reparations for the Ecuadorian peasants and tribes people whose lives were affected by decades of oil production near their villages and fields. During twenty years of legal hostilities in federal courts in Manhattan and remote provincial tribunals in the Ecuadorian jungle, Donziger and Chevron’s lawyers followed fierce no-holds-barred rules”. – Plubisher


Digital storytelling a creator’s guide to interactive entertainment by Carolyn Handler Miller
“Digital Storytelling shows you how to create immersive, interactive narratives across a bevy of platforms, devices, and media. From age-old, storytelling techniques to cutting-edge development processes, this book covers creating stories for all forms of entertainment like social media, transmedia, games, apps, and second screen experiences. The way a story is told, a message is delivered, or a narrative is navigated has changed dramatically over the last few years. Stories are told through video games, interactive books, and social media. Stories are told on all sorts of different platforms and through all sorts of different devices. They’re immersive, letting the reader interact with the story, letting the reader shape the story themselves”. – Plubisher


Reader’s choice by Sandra Silberstein, Barbara K. Dobson and Mark A Clarke
“The 4th edition of Reader’s Choice, the world’s best-known reading skills textbook for ESL/EFL students, includes teachers’ favorite features: Original authentic readings from a variety of sources, now including websites Specific instruction and exercises for developing students’ skills in skimming, scanning, reading for thorough comprehension, and critical reading Readings accompanied by a variety of exercises, including a composition focus to encourage use of the text in integrated reading-writing programs”. – Publisher



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