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Trial: The Place Brand Observer until April 2018
“The Place Brand Observer is a library of research and a collection of case studies, with lively expert interviews and reflections on latest trends, ideas and opportunities. We invite you to visit and explore.”

“What are place brands? What is place branding? What is the difference between place and national brands? How is place branding linked to public diplomacy? Find answers in below collection of theories, concepts and definitions linked to the image, perception, reputation and branding of places – cities, countries, regions, destinations, nations.” [Source Place Brand Observer] More information

Find interviews of Place Brand Professional around the world.

Topics: Place Branding, Placemaking, Sustainability, Place Reputation, Rankings, Public Diplomacy, Place Marketing, Economic Development.


Trial: Sustainability Leaders Project until April 2018
“Sustainability Leaders Project: knowledge hub for tourism professionals interested in latest sustainability leadership insights, stories and examples.”

Story of the Project:
Florian Kaefer and Natalia Ferrer Roca started the Sustainability Leaders Project in 2014 with the purpose to share information on sustainable tourism.
As keen travellers with interest in sustainability, we found existing information and good practice case studies linked to tourism sustainability not very accessible, hard to ‘digest’ and not inspiring. We realized that most talking and writing about sustainability took place at an academic, intellectual, functional level, whereas tourism is all about experiencing and sensing.[…]


Trial: Oxford Research Encyclopedia
“Substantive, peer-reviewed, and regularly updated, the Oxford Research Encyclopedias combine the speed & flexibility of digital with the rigorous standards of academic publishing.

The OREs will grow to be a network of digital, discipline-centered encyclopedias covering all the major areas of research across the humanities, social sciences, and science fields. New subject areas are selected based on market research, where such anchoring reference sources are needed most.” [Source Oxford]

All articles are written and peer reviewed by certified experts of the topic, and  are regularly updated.


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