Introduction to Artstor and tips


“The Artstor Digital Library is an image database featuring an unparalleled range of images from some of the world’s leading museums, photo archives, scholars, and artists in one easily-navigated repository. It is the most comprehensive image resource available for educational and scholarly use, with many rare and important collections available nowhere else.” [Source Artstor]

Find more than 2 millions images online from over 280 collections.


Video to introduce you to the new platform



  • How to create a user account

When you register for a user account, you must be on-site at your institution or logged in through your institution’s proxy server (typically a link on your library’s webpage).

  •  How to create aN IMAGE Group
  1. Log in to your Artstor account.
  2. Search for items or browse collections to find items for your group.
  3. Turn on Select mode by clicking on the checkmark icon. Click items to select them. Click again to de-select. Items will be saved to your Group in the order that you select them. There is a cap of 1,000 items per Image Group.
  4. In the menu click Organize > Save Selections to New Image group.
  5. In the dialog window:
    • Add a Group title
    • Add a Group description (optional)
    • Check the box to share the group with others at your institution (optional). If the box remains unchecked, the group will be private and viewable only with your user account login.
    • Add tags (link here)
  6. Click Save changes then choose Return to Search or Go to Group
  • How to download a zoomed portion of an image file
  1. On the Detail page, zoom into an image by clicking or using the zoom icon on the image toolbar.
  2. From the Download button, choose Download View.
  3. Accept our Terms & Conditions.
  4. The detail will download to your computer with the filename native.jpg .

The best way to display images from the Digital Library is to use Fullscreen mode to present items

  1. Open a Group, Collection, or perform a search to view thumbnails of content you wish to present. Set your thumbnail view to 72 per page, to get the most options in Fullscreen mode, and/or sort them by date or relevance if those arrangements give the results you desire, on the first page.
  2. Click the first thumbnail on your results, group, or collection page to launch the Detail page.
  3. Mouse over the item on the left and click the fullscreen button fullscreen in the toolbar.
  4. In fullscreen mode you will see multiple fonctions:
  • A toolbar at the upper left for zoom, pan, reset and show/hide captions (toolbar options will vary depending on item type).
  • A caption for the item at the bottom with navigation arrows on either side to click through your group, results, or collection.
  • Exit and Compare buttons in the upper right.
    • Exit will close fullscreen mode and return you to the Detail page.
    • Compare will open a selection panel to allow you to choose content from the first page of your group, results or collection, for comparison. Click Compare again to close this panel. We recommend comparing no more than 10 items at once.


  1. If you are showing multiple items in fullscreen mode you will see a toolbar for each added item, with an X at the end. Use the X to close the comparison item(s).



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