Interlibrary Loan

Document Delivery / Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loan is a system that allows a user to obtain a book, a chapter or a journal article from another library.

With the AUP Library, current AUP students, faculty and staff have access to this service for free.
Alumni and dependents will have to pay a €30 fee per item.


Before requesting an ILL, check its availability in Primo OneSearch.


How to request an ILL:

  1. Primo Onesearch

    Go to Primo Onesearch through the Library homepage.

  2. ILL Request Tab

    On the top of the page click on ILL request.

  3. Sign in

    You will be redirected to the AUP login page – Sign in.

  4. ILL Form

    An ILL request form will appear. On the top of it you can choose between a book/book chapter or an article.

  5. Fill out the form

    The fields marked with a red star are mandatory, but the more information you give about the book you want, the better it is, especially if you are looking for a special edition.
    Here we are looking for an entire book.

  6.  Sending the request.

    As you can see your AUP email address is already there. You must select a date, when you will not need the item anymore.
    The box willing to pay is only for alumni and dependents.

  7. Send the Request

    Click Send request and you will see a message saying your request has been successfully placed.

  8. update on your request

    To see the update of your request, go to your personal account – Library Card – Request
    Then you will see the status of your ILL, from the submission of your request – sent to the library partner – to its availability at the Navigation Desk.
    The time between the request and its availability at the Navigation Desk can take between 1-3 days for an article (usually), and 2 weeks or more for a book, depending on the library partner.

  9. Pick up at the Navigation Desk

    When your ILL is available at the Navigation Desk, an email will be sent to you, and the status will be updated in your Library personal account.

  10. Checking-out and Renewal

    Come to the Navigation Desk (Quai d’Orsay ground floor) to check out your ILL.
    For a book, your item will go under Loans and a due date will appear.
    If you want to extend the lending period, you will have to send an email to with your AUP ID number, and the title of the item you would like to renew. The renewal is not automatic because it does not depend on us but on the Library who is lending the material to us. So request a renewal well before the due date.

  11. ILL Return

    At the end of the lending period, you will have to return your ILL to the Navigation Desk.
    Important: If you do not return items on time or in good condition, you will be subject to loss of interlibrary loan privileges


For more information about the ILL policy.