The Library is subscribing to the database Europresse.

Our subscription allows 3 users to access the platform at one time. If you are blocked, you will need to wait and try later. At the end of the session do not forget to log off (see below) or you may block someone for 15 minutes.

What is Europresse?

Europresse is an online platform offering the access to over 3,500 French and International Newspapers.

You can access the current issues of most of the French Newspapers:

  • Le Monde
  • Le Courrier International
  • Le Figaro
  • Les Échos
  • L’Obs
  • Libération

And more…

How to use it

Once you click on the link listed in the A-Z database list, through the Library Homepage or this direct link, you will be redirected to this page.

The simple search is a regular internet search bar, where you can search by article or topic (and not by Newspaper title).


The PDF version of some journals are available on Europresse.
Click on the tab PDF section at the top of the page. Select the title you are looking for from the A-Z list. Select the issue you want. The entire issue will be displayed.

You can then browse the issue easily.

End of the session

At the end of the session, please do not forget to log off.
Our subscription allows only 3 users at one time.

To Log off, click on student, on the top right of the page, and then on Log off.

If you have any question or trouble accessing the platform please contact either Sally Murray at, Lily Servel at or Research Help at