The Economist

“The Economist, weekly magazine of news and opinion published in London and generally regarded as one of the world’s preeminent journals of its kind. It provides wide-ranging coverage of general news and particularly of international and political developments and prospects bearing on the world’s economy. The publication is known for its social-libertarian slant and maintains that free markets provide the best method of running economies and governments. All articles except special reports are published without bylines (there is also no masthead), thereby presenting to readers a unified face.”

“The Economist.” Britannica Academic, Encyclopædia Britannica, 17 Aug. 2017.

As a member of AUP, you can access to The Economist through the Library.
Access to the issues from 1997 to current.

How to get access to the Economist:

You must create an account through this link myaccount.economist and use your AUP email address.
Then you can access the Magazine.

You can download the App The Economist on your phone and tablet, and login with the account you just created.

If you are facing any issue, do not hesitate to contact the library at