Event: Printed Books in the Digital Age

Printed Books in the Digital Age: A conversation with Jonathan Simons, founding editor of offline  

Publishing house Analog Sea
Date and time: May 10th, 2023, 6.00 PM – 9.45 PM 
Location: C 103-C 104

Description of the event:
Analog Sea, is as an offline publisher distributing exclusively to physical bookshops. Their wish is for books to be traded between human beings and not relegated to robots and algorithms. Digital platforms are great for efficiency and massification, but they believe that efficiency and massification are in no way acceptable strategies for handling the arts and letters. The Analog Sea Review discuss topics related to offline culture and the printed word. 

They want people to think more about what it means to have human librarians, booksellers, and professional writers working within a community, and what the impact of their disappearance might be.  

This event will be moderated by Marc-Olivier Bherer from Le Monde. 

More information about the speaker and the facilitator:

Jonathan Simons is the founding editor of offline publishing house Analog Sea and its literary journal, The Analog Sea Review. As a poet and essayist, he has written for publications including The London Magazine, PN Review, El País, subTerrain Magazine, and The Analog Sea Review. His work has been covered by, among others, the Guardian, the Times Literary Supplement, the Washington Post and La Vanguardia. He researched Buddhist poetics at Naropa University and McGill University and was formerly a visiting scholar at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Center for Humans and Machines, in Berlin. 

Marc-Olivier Bherer was born and raised in Quebec. After studying philosophy and journalism, he moved to France in 2003 where he began his journalistic career. He quickly joined the editorial staff of  “Courrier International” where he works in the “North America” department. He also collaborates on an ad hoc basis with various French-language newspapers in Canada, France and Switzerland. He currently works on the “Debates” page of Le Monde.  

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